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Paint Couture

Paint Couture is NOT a chalk like paint, and it has no chalk. Paint Couture is NOT a latex paint! Paint Couture is a zero VOC product. Paint Couture is environmentally safe, 100% acrylic based paint, without any of the highly carcinogenic PVA (polyvinyl alcohol).

The paint is formulated to have great adhesion properties to all kinds of smooth surfaces. On most surfaces it does not need a primer! It easily produces smooth contemporary and elegant finishes. Paint Couture will dry very hard and is extremely durable because it is an acrylic paint.

Paint Couture by itself is far more durable than other chalk like paints, but in order to gain excellent stain resistance a topcoat is recommended. One coat of Couture Topcoat will provide the durability of 3 coats of wax. Some applications may need two coats of Couture Topcoat for long lasting durability.

Distressing may be done with a fine grit sandpaper or sanding block. 400 grit or higher is recommended to avoid scratching. 

Topcoat is not required for all projects but recommended for best durabilty. Table tops and cabinetry must be topcoated. Use your best judgement depending on the interaction of your project. Is it being interacted with daily or simply decor to be looked at?  We recommend light use after 24 hour dry time and full use after 7 days. 


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