About Us

It All Started With A Cat. 

So you can probably already guess this backstory.

    A crazy cat lady who has a love for treasure hunting, comes up with this brilliant idea to name a  business after her orange cat, and make him CEO!

    I know what you're thinking, she's kidding right? Nope, I am not.  Piglet's Closet was founded in 2014.  We are a growing familyowned online store with over 7,000 unique items of inventory!  Located primarily in Madison, WI, we travel all around the country looking for treasures and bring them to you!

We sell a wide range of products from Hallmark collectibles to Action Figures. We sell both NEW and Vintage products, a little of everything!
    Ready for the most important piece? I bet you are.  Piglet.  Piglet is a middle aged terror of a cat.  He breaks things on purpose, and is a really terrible CEO if you want me to be honest about it.  He likes to chew things, and not show up to scheduled meetings. Somehow he handles all the business decisions, and won't allow me to fire him, so that's that.  (just kidding, he really is a terror, but we would never dethrone him)

    We have three other executives on board here at Piglet's Closet. 

    "Rumples" (also known as "Stinky") handles the logistics of shipping and processing.     "Fe Fe La Rue" is another snotty cat, who handles our accounting. (She is also terrible)  "Meatball" Currently handles social media when she isn't busy chewing everything in sight, including the wall. She needs a little more training! 


Angela's Attic is an large antique mall located in South Beloit, IL just off of I-90. They offer more than 90 dealers  displaying antique and collectibles, spread over 25,000 square feet in five building in a converted historic factory.  

Piglet's Closet is Booth #49 and has three seperate booth locations throughout the mall.

We are proud to have the entire selection of  Dixie Belle Paint Company, Warm Glow Candle Co, Specialty Bath Bombs and Soaps, Jewelry, Scarves, vintage and contemporary hardware for all your projects. A little of everything!