How to Register

  • Click the  icon on the bottom right hand side of the page and sign up for an account. Rewards panel also located on left side bar on desktop.
  • Receive 500 Bonus points to be redeemed for $5 off your next purchase just for signing up!
  • Logging into our website will automatically log you into rewards after the initial registration.
  • You can always check your points balance by clicking the  icon.

Add Etsy Orders

Have you purchased from us on etsy before? Those points count! Once registered, click the "Earn" tab of the application and enter your etsy order number. Points will accrue for each order on your account. 

How to Redeem

Click "Claim" tab of the application to see eligible rewards.

Choose how many points and the reward you would like to redeem and click "claim." Any minimum cart requirements will be specified to upon redemption. Copy and paste the provided coupon code at checkout. That's it.

Referral Points

  • Earn points by referring friends and sharing your code in groups!
  • Find your coupon code by clicking the referral tab of the points window.
  • Copy and Share your unique coupon code.
  • Receive 250 points for every person who checks out using your unique code! Points will automatically be credited to your account.
  • The coupon code is valid for 10% off a first purchase! (yes, you can also use your code. Codes are limited to one time use per new customer.)
  • There is no limit how many referrals you can earn, so share away!


Terms & Conditions

  • Only one discount code per order. Offers cannot be stacked.
  • Etsy purchases must be entered by order ID. If you have an issue with the points reflecting on your account please contact us.
  • Points do not expire and will continue to accrue.
  • Birthday Coupons are sent annually if a birthday is provided upon registration.
  • Referral coupon codes are unique to each user, and do not expire. Coupon code is valid for 10% off a first purchase. Each code can be redeemed once per user. (You can also redeem your code for one use)
  • You will receive a 250 point credit automatically for every order we receive with your coupon code.