Donald Trump Trumpzilla Cinnamon Habanero Mints Novelty Gag Gift

Piglet's Closet

$ 3.50 

Tired of putting up with things that are bitter and tasteless? It’s time to make life palatable again! 

Let these delicious mints improve your mood with the sweet-and-spicy flavor of cinnamon habanero! Slip a few Trumpzilla Mints to your shouty uncle to wake him up. Share a couple with your crabby next-door neighbor and smile – after all, don’t they deserve a little kick? Give these peppery-pink little wonders to everyone you meet and they’ll all agree on one thing: Trumpzilla Mints are quite agreeable! 

(Did you know the world’s #1 producer of habaneros is the Yucatán Peninsula… Mexico? Yeah, just keep that to yourself.) 

Tin Measures approximately 1.9" x 1.9"