Wise Owl Furniture Salve Scam! Don't Buy from Amazon!

Wise Owl Furniture Salve Scam! Don't Buy from Amazon!

Due to a recent popular TikTok video by a Wise Owl Retailer, Wise Owl's Famous Furniture Salve has been being created in China and sold on discount websites such as Amazon, eBay, and Walmart.com

Wise Owl's Salve is hand poured in Michigan. Wise Owl Retailers are not authorized to sell on any marketplace except their personal websites and Etsy. 

Wise Owl Salve has a mandatory retail price of 4oz $18.99 and 8oz $26.99. If you are finding bargain bundles that include brushes, with prices that seem to good to be true, it probably is!!!

Wise Owl Headquarters is doing everything they can to combat marketplaces stealing their images and selling garbage, but it has not been easy to stop!

Please do not purchase salve from anywhere other than an Authorized Retailer!! You can find the list of authorized retailers at www.wiseowlpaint.com

If you have purchased on a bargain site and have received a low quality brush and dried fake wax, open a return or a dispute with your bank! If it did not come from a retailer listed on their website, the product is FAKE!!!

We are proud to be an Authorized Wise Owl Retailer.

 Wise Owl Paint is a woman-owned business, and their salve is hand poured in Michigan. Please support authorized small businesses!