Collection of New and Vintage Garfield Collectibles.  View description of each item for additional details. 
View all 0.15 pounds 0008421406036 008421406036 076399324386 1 Sheet 100 14 15oz 16 1965 1978 1978/81 1980 1981 1982 1983 1987 1989 1990 1992 1993 1997 2+ 20 2005 2007 2007-03-01 2016 3 & up 3 and up 3 oz 3+ 3-103 32-7470 40603 5.5 inch 5oz 7th 9" 9th Action Figure Activity Toy Advertising Album Alf All Aluminum AND Animal Animation & Anime Argus Arlene Arm Around Arrow Assorted Auto Avon Award Babies Baby Bag Ball Band BANZA Bars Basket Basketball Bath Bean Beanbag Plush Beanie Bell Beyond BIG Birthday Blue Book Bookmark Bookmarks Books Bow Box Boxed BOXES Boxing Boys & Girls Bracelet Bunny by Cake Camera CAMPUS CANDLE Candles Candy Cane Car Cardboard Cards Cardstock CAROLING Carrousel Cartoon cartoons Cartoons & Characters Cat Catnip cats Ceramic Certificate Chair Chalkboard Character Characters Charge Child China Choice Christmas Claus Cling Clip Clothes Club COA Coffee Coffee mug Collectible Collectibles Collection Collectors Comb Comes Comic Contains Catnip Cookin Corp COSTUME Cover Crossbody Cup Cup dispenser Cups Cute Dad Daikin Dakin Danbury Dated Davis DAY Days Decal/Sticker Decks Desk/Wall decoration Disk Dispenser Dixie Does not apply DOG Doll Dont Each Earrings Easel Easter Eat Edition Egg ELF Empire Enamel Ending ENESCO Enesco Ornament English Eraser Exclusive Face FARM FAT FEATURE Features FIGURAL Figure FIGURINE Fine Floppy for Form Frame Friday FRIEND Friends Full Fun FUN FARM G Garfield Garfield and Friends Garfield Ornament Garfield Plush Garfields General Giant Gibson Gift Gift box Glass Glue Goes Golf Golf Club Cover Good Goodies GRABBER Green Greetings GREY GRIP Gumball Gumball Machine Hair HAIRY Hallmark Halloween HANDCRAFTED Hangers Hardcover Hat Have HC HE HEART HELP Holder HOLDING Holiday HONG Hong Kong Hood Hoodies Hoppy Im Imperial in Inc Inc. Inflatable insert Instructions Insults Is It ITS Japan Jar Jester Jim Jim Davis Jog Jogger Jogging Just Key Keychain Kids' Hangers KITCHEN KNOW KONG Korea L 5.5 x W 3.2 x H 2 inches laminated poster LARGE LAYING Letters Lid Life Limited Long Lootcrate Lot LOVE Machine MADE Magnet Mail Matrix Mead Medium (14-24 in) Metal Metric Microwave Mini Mint Moon Mounted Stamp(s) Mug Mug/Cup Mugs Mummy MY Named Individually Below Napkins Need NEW Newspaper NIB No Nose Not Applicable Numbered NWT Nylon Odie of OLD on Only Or Orange Original Ornament Ornaments Out oz Pal Pan Paper Paperback Papers Party PAWS Paws & Russell Stover Peanuts Pen Pencil pencil BOX Pencils Photo Picture Picture Frame Pillow Pin Pink Pins Plastic PLAY Play by Play Player Playing Plush PLUSH - Stuffed Animal Plush Item Plush Toy Polyester Fiber Polyester Plush Pookie Pooky Pop Pops Porcelain Postcard Poster Pouch Present Pretty Print Products Punching Purse PVC Rainbow RARE RAVIOLIS Red Regular Reindeer Republic of Resin Retired Rose Rubber Rubber Stampede Ruler Run Running Russell Russell Stover Safari Safe Salute Santa SAVE Scared Scout Sealed Seasings Sept Set Sheet SHELF Shirt Silly SITTER Sittin Skis Slams Sled Sledding SLEEPING Sleepover Sleepy Heads Sleigh Small Small (6-14 in) Smiling Snoopy Soap Soccer Sports Stamp Stampede STANDING Starline Stencil Stick Sticker Stickers Stocking Stove Stover Strap Stuffed Stuffed Animal Suite SYNDICATE Table Tag Tags Taiwan The Thimble Til Tile Tin To Tomato Tongue Toothbrush Topper Tote Tourist Toy Treasury TREE Trim Trinket Trinket Box Trivet two TY Typing UFS Unbranded UNITED United Feature Syndicate United Features Syndicate United Kingdom United States Unknown Unused Up USA Used Vacation VALENTINE Valentines VHS Video Vintage Vintage Playing Cards VTG WALLET Want Warming Wax White Whoopie Wilton Window Wings Winter Witch With Wood WOODEN Woodstock WREATH YARN Yellow You YOUR Zelcro
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