Doilies & Linens

Collection of New and Vintage Handmade Doilies, Linens, and tablecloths.
View all 05 1" 1.5" 100% Cotton 10in 15 15 INCH 16x27 18 192346388064 192347578835 1969 1971 1974 1979 1982 1984 1986 1990 1991 1994 1999 20 2001 2017 254 536719964 536721184 550522633 6.5" 7/8" 7in 9" 904367 917525 918055 91931 919801 Alaska Alphabet and Annalee Annie APPLIQUE Archive ARM ART Artisan AUNT Australia Austria AUTUMN AWESOME Bag Bailey Bailey & Friends Basil BASKET Bay Beach Beaded Beads Bean bean bag animal Bear BEARHUGS Bears BEARSWORTH BELLE bells Berries BERRY BESSIE BIRD BIRDS Black BLESS Blue BONNET BOO BOOK BOOKS BOX BOXER Boyds BOYDS BEARS PLUSH Boys & Girls BRAIDED Brazil BRIGHT Britain Bros Broth BROWN Bulb BUNNY Burlap BUTTERFLY BY CAHOMA CALENDAR Cap cards CARLY CASTLES CASUALS Cats Causeway CENTER CENTERPIECE Century CHAIR CHERRY Chick CHICKEN Childrens CHILDS China Christmas Christmas Plush CIRCUS CLARK CLIVE CLOTH CLOWN Cocktail COFFEE COLOR COLORS COOKIE COTTON Country COW Crafting CREAM Crochet CROCHETED Cute DANCING DARK Day Dear DEE DEER DELICATE Dish DOILIES DOILY DOILYLEMON Doll DOLPHIN DRESS Duck Edging EDMUND EMBROIDERED EMBROIDERY EMBROIRED EMERALD Enchanted EVE Everyday Fabric FALL FEATHERS FEEDER FLAMINGO FLORAL FLOWERS FOLK FOR FRIENDS GARDEN GET Ghost GIFT GIFTS GIRLS GLITTER GOLD GOLDEN GRADIENT Grapefruit GRAPHITE GRASS Green Greenough Grey Hallmark HALLOWEEN Hand hand made Handbag HANDKERCHIEF HANDMADE Hanging HANKIE HANKY HART Haunted Hawera HEART HEIRLOOM Herbs Holder HOLDERS HOLLY Home HOT House HUCK IN INCH Independence India IRELAND Irish IT IVORY JAR JESSICA JOE JOE BOXER Jointed KAY KayDee Keepsake KIT KITCHEN KITTENS Knickerbocker Knob KOALAS Korea LADY LANDSCAPE Large Laundry LEAF LEMON Lever Lever Bros LIBRARY LIGHT LIKE LIME Linen LITTLE Lois long Lord Lord and Taylor Lot love Material: Sea Shells MAUVE MAYOR MIB Mickey Mid MINI MINT MONDAY MONTHS Mouse Multi Multi COLOUR Multi-Color MULTICOLORED Museum MUSTARD NAPKINS NATURE NAVY Nelson New NICE Novelty of OFF OPTIC or Orange Original ORNAMENT OVEN Over PA Pad PADS PAIR PALE PANSY Parade PARK PASTEL Pastries PATTERN PEACH PEEK PETAL Philadelphia PICTURES AND TEXT PIE PIECE Pink PINWHEEL PLAID Plush Plush Animal Plush Teddy POT Power Pretty Printed Pumpkin Pumpkins Purple purse RECIPE Recipes Red Republic of Retired RETRO REVERSIBLE Ribbon Rooster ROOT ROPE Rose RUFFLE RUFFLED RUG RUNNER Russ Sangoma Santa SCARF SCARLET Scene Sea Seal SEEDS Series SET SETTING Shamrock SHEER Shell Shop SIGNATURE Silver SKIDOO SKY SMALL Snuggle Snuggle Bear SOFT Softener Solid SOUTHER Souvenir Spices Spider SQUARE Striped Stuffed STYLE Summer SUN SUNFLOWER SWITZERLAND Swords T5 TABLE TABLECLOTH TABLERUNNER Tabletop TAN TAPESTRY Tarragon Taupe Tawhiti Taylor Tea Tea Towel TEACUP Teal Teapot Teddy TEDDY BEAR THE THICK THIS THREE TIER TIGHT TO TODAY TOMORROW tote TOWEL Traditional TREE Trivet TRIVETS TULIP TURQUOISE TWISTED TWO Ulster Ulster Weaver Ulster Weavers Unbranded United States Unknown UNUSED Valentine VALENTINES PLUSH Village Vintage Vintage Cotton Tablecloth Vintage Floral Tablecloth VTG WALL WARM WEAVE Weavers Webs WELL WELSH WFR WHITE WI WILDLIFE Wine WISCONSIN with without Witty Woman Wood Yards Yarn YELLOW York you Zealand ZULU
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