Precious Moments

Collection of New and Vintage Precious Moments Collectibles. Item condition is specified in Description. 
View all "Thanks A Bunch" 0842181101554 100129 100528 101842 104410 106836 110116 117797 12076 12084 123407 131001 133040 133709 134424 1375 139548 151051 15857 159021 15938 161032 161034 16in 171106 181307 182370 1978 1979 1980 1981 1982 1983 1984 1985 1986 1987 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1998 1999 2000 2002 2003 2006 2008 2009 2013 2015 2016 2017 272698 4004158 488232 490327 5+ 50th 520349 520403 520810 521043 523496 524395 610003 690018 6in. 731129 7in. 830001 842181101554 875555006452 930031 930032 990012 Above Addition Adoption ALL ALONG Always And Angel Anniversary Annual Are Art AS AUGUST Avon BABIES BABY Bag Bake Ball Bandaging BANK Baptized BASEBALL Bath Be Bean Bear BED Been Bell Best BETTER Bird BIRTHDAY Birthstone Bisque Porcelain Bless Blessed BLESSING BLONDE Bowl BOX Box styles may vary from BOY Bride Bridesmaid BROWN BUG Bunch Bunny Butcher by C0011 C0014 C0019 C0020 C0022 Calendar Came Candle CANE CARING Carousel Ceramic Charter Member Piece Cheerful China CHOIR Christian CHRISTMAS Church Cleansed Clown Club COLLECTION COME Comes with Original box Communion Confirmation Congratulations Cookie Cross dated David Day Dear December Deluxe Disney DIVINE Do Doctor Does not apply Doll Doll(s) Dome Dopey Drum E2368 E6901 E9273 EARLY EARTH EASTER Edition End Enesco Event Excellent Expectant Expecting Extra EYE EYED FAITHFUL Family FAVORITE Feeding Figure Figurine Figurines Figurines set 910061 Film Fireman First Flower Flowers FOR Forever Four Friend From Full Get GIFT Gifts Girl Giver Glasses Gloria Duchin Glossy GO God GOES Gonna Good GOODWILL Goose Gorilla Green GROOM Growing GUIDE Hallmark HANGING HAPPINESS Happy Has Have He He Cleansed My Soul Heart HEARTS Heaven HEAVENS Heirloom HELPING Her Here HI Him Hippo His Hold Holding Holiday HOLIDAYS Holly Holy Communion HOME HONK horse Hourglass If In Inch 4.75 Inches 5.5 Indonesia Inspirational Is Its January Jar Jesus Jesus Is The Light That Shines - E-0537 JOIN Jonathan JOY Joyful Keep King Kings kittens LADY LADYBUG Leadeth LED Let Lettuce LIFTED LIGHT Limited Limited Edition Little LORD Love Loves Loveth LOVING Made MAKE MAKES Man MANY MARCH Mark MAY Me Member Members Membership MERRY MIB Midnight Mini Miniature MINT Miss MOM MOMENTS MONTHLY Mother MOUSE Movie Mug Music My Name Nativity Need New News NIB NO No Chips NWT O Come All Ye Faithful - E-2353 of OH ON Only Orig Original Original box Included Ornament Oughta Our Out Over Own Party PEACE PERFECT PERSONALIZED Pewter Pictures Piglet Pin Plaque Play Plush PM852 PM873 PM941 PM952 Pop Poppy Porcelain Porcelain Bisque Porcelain Bisque / Wire Praise Pray PRECIOUS Precious Moments PRESENT Puppy Rain Reflections Reign Repairs or Damage Rescued Retired Ringing Romance ROSARY Rose Ruff Sam Butcher Samuel SANTA Scent Seal Season Seasons SERIES SERVING Set SEW Sharing SHEPHERD SHERIFF Shines Shop Showers SICK Sight Sign Sizes Smoke Free Home Snow SNOWBALL Snowman SO Sold Song Soon Soul Special Special Wishes Spinning Stand Star Stick Story STRAWBERRY Such Sugar SUIT Surprises Sweetest Sweetheart Symbol Tag Taiwan Take Tales TEACHER TEAPOT Teddy Tell Tender TENDER TALES Thanks That THE Thee This Three Through THY Time Times Title: Waddle I Do Without You - 12459 - Girl with to Together Token TOUCHED Town TRAIN Trinket Tub Umbrella United States Unknown up Upon US Valentine Very VINTAGE Waddle WARM WAY We Wedding Welcome Well White Winnie WINTER with Without Workmanship WORLD YE YEAR Year of Issue: 1983 Year of Issue: 1985 Years YELLOW Yes You You Are The End Of My Rainbow You Have The Sweetest Heart YOUR
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