Air Bubbles & Redesign Transfers - What to do??!

Air Bubbles & Redesign Transfers - What to do??!

Air Bubbles Under my Transfer??  Oh No!

 So most of the time I never have trouble getting a smooth, bubble free adhesion with my Redesign Transfers.  However, on occasion this can happen! 

You want to make sure, when applying transfers, that there are no bubbles and all edges are adhered securely so you do not have any lifting. This transfer was giving me a bit of a fit and there were several micro bubbles underneath the surface.  Here is what I did:

First I used a small needle to puncture a tiny hole in the transfer at the area of the bubble.

Next I used a clean rag/towel to buff over the spot – this gets the air out from underneath and allows the transfer to fully adhere. 


 In this case, I was able to easily remove the air bubble, and the puncture hole was not noticeable. If necessary, the area can be touched up with a similar paint color. Once I finish, I will see the transfer for extra durability.

Don't sweat the small stuff. 


Products Used

Paint Couture

  • Stain Blocking Primer
  • Vera at the Ballet
  • Grayful Dead
  • Sugarplum

Redesign with Prima:

  • Sweet Dreams Transfer
  • Sweet Lullaby Transfer

Cling On:

  • S50- Shorty Brush

Wise Owl

  • Premium 1.5" Round Brush
  • Premium 2" Round Palm Brush